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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

im so tired of my job..i wanna give up.everything's the same, i'm not learning anymore.this is not the kind of life that i want.i learned what i need to know. i'm like a robot, immersed in a program that you need to repeat over and over again.i admit that i earn a lot, i can buy whatever my heart desires, but still i feel empty.i want to be with my family during weekends, i want to go to church on sundays, i want to be with winnie during his free time, but i can't..
friends say "sayang ang pera girl, ung sweldo mo 4x ng sweldo ng regular office people".but i don't care, fishy as it may sound, but i need to take a breather, i need to give quality time especially to my mom..i want my life back..call center job makes me a zombie..


i got to watch feu- ust match the other day..orange was right, even though i've been out of school for a year and a half, hearing those familiar sounds and seeing those black and yellow colors still gives me a certain rush..siguro am just too proud to be a pilgrim of those old portals.

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at 2:26 AM

Thursday, August 31, 2006
Lord, help me

Lord, help me to forget the past, help me to understand Your will...help me to comprehend all the things that crossed my path. Please make Tatay ok up there, i miss him a lot, especially now that Christmas is coming. Tell him that everyday, EVERYDAY i miss him more.. Each passing day , o God, as I look to those kids with their fathers hugging them, sweeping them in those sturdy arms, I remember how my father fought for his life just for his family..I remember him holding my head, telling me to sleep beside him..

Help me to forget the pain that the resident doctors caused my family...for killing my dad and for the single mistake that they made- medical malpractice.

And lastly, help my mother...she loves Tatay very much and i know that she misses him more than anyone else down here.

and another thing God..
please kiss my tatay for me...

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at 9:47 PM

Thursday, June 15, 2006

i lost my dad..so soon..actually i did not recognize it, or maybe i was still hoping that one day, he could get up from that bed, and eat crispy pata and everything..he was a strong man, stronger than any daddy in the world..hes my life, the cause of my existence.he never let us feel that hes in pain, he made us calm even though he knew that he would leave us anytime..just came from Singapore, he wanted me to find my life there. he didnt want to see me helpless here in the phils., he wanted me to be happy.on the day before i left, i talked to him, i told him, "tay pagaling ka ha? gusto ko pagbalik ko, magaling kana para makauwi na tayo.." yet when i came back, hes weak, heavy as a sack of rice..when i arrived in our room, he showed me the sweetest smile a father can give to his baby..and i miss him..i miss his voice...sabi ko nga sana ako nalang ung nakahiga dun para di nya mafeel ung pain ng sakit nya..i wanted him to live, PERO UST KILLED HIM. Medical malpractice..is that ust? my god, am a graduate of ust, and im ashamed that i studied there..really...MEDICAL MALPRACTICE..shame on them...soeday we will get even..

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at 6:33 PM

Saturday, April 22, 2006

helo guys i miss u so much im so busy sa work ryt now sowi ngayon lang ako post...sobrang new world eto 4 me...but am adjusting...i hope to c u all soon, plp kelan b reunion?????

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at 8:03 PM

Thursday, March 09, 2006

sguro this is definitely one of the best moments na di ko pagpapalit...being a 4c is something that im very proud to say 2 da whole damn world..it's never goodbye,it's just "see you later"...

salamat sa pagkakataon na binigay nyo sakin na maging family ko kayo.. ive never met such kind of people who r not afraid to show who they really are, and who make friendships out of different personalitites and ideologies..salamat salamat..

ali= ung tunog ng heels nya pag naglalakad sa room, khit nkapikit ka u wud know it's her..
mykulite= "amuy gwapo" and yung paggicing ko syo twing umaga sa exptl ntn..
leah= "chismosa" ng buhay ko..(twag smin ni sra. dati sa spanish)..salamat dhil nkilala ko ung
taong mamahalin ko..
laura= miss na kita...thank u sa advices m skin lalo pag sa boys..mwaaahh
lola= "duermes tu, duermes tu.."
annabets= sarap nakawin ng damit mo!!!!!ang kikay kase!!
papa jaycee= ung kamay nyang parang octopus..
roanne= andito lang ako..
lele= slamat dhil ntutuwa ka sa "jamonds" ko..
orange= sis ko yan, nanyanyanyare..
joel= "anak", pati mga sayaw mo mamimiss ko..take cre of mabs ok?
powerpai= ang tanklet, pati ung mga bag mung type na type ko kidnapin..
papa jorge= "gudmorning papa jorge!"
chika= mamimiss ko ung chicken sandwich mo, pati ung sweetness mo..
ghala= kasama ko sa hirap at ginhawa, kasama sa kainan, pati ang Bibbo hotdog nkilala ko dhil
nina= ung boses mo..
veron= alam naming masaya ka sa bgong mga kaibgan, pero andito parin kami para syo ha..
alan= thank u kc d ka naiinis skin pag tinatawag kitang corned beef..
lynard= do what u want to be..pag ginusto mung mging doctor, magagwa mu..kaya mu yan..
kyang= mamimiss ko ung tawa mo..
louanne= mataray pero natutuwa ako sakanya tlaga!!
ren= eat eat eat eat eat
jelo= ngayon ko lng ndiskubre ang misteryo n nsa ilalim ng adam's apple mo...bwahaha
jen= cumlau...sna hinde ka tres sa spanish..
mary= say hi to "mama pj" 4 me..sana after grad kyo na ulit..
gj= one of the most intelligent people sa clas..sa totoo lang hanga ako sa yo..
arra= pinaka may kakaibang coltym sa plp..
mabs= mamimiss ko ung summer classes ntn s chem, s advices mu..slamat..
ness= slamat sa pagdamay
SD= "teddy is missing"
phnas= ung sulat mung mega liit..
dyosa= slamat sa pagiging mbuting kaibgan..alam ko mahal m kme, brutal nga lang..hahahaha
czar= noms naaalala mo b ung s anxiety thesis?? slamat dhil nligtas mo buhay ko..
she= pucca pucca pucca
gay= slamat sa pag-aalaga m sa samin
rhezi= hotdog sa umaga..mahilig sa hotdog, ehem...
trish= kasabayn ko sa exptl., sbrang sarap kausap lalo pag seryoso..

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at 6:35 PM

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
just like that

lately ive been thinking...tgal na pla ko nandito sa lumang lungga ko..masyado nasanay sa pasikot sikot wala ng ibang magawa paulit ulit nalang...just like a butterfly...i cannot be a catterpillar forever..needs to undergo metamorphosis...when the time is up, struggle for the light, move your body, breathe....then fly.

leaving these portals is a drastic move, just like every step in a chess game, you can win a kingdom or be left shattered.. when i move, i cannot go back..i can always think about the past but i could never turn back the hands of time..

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at 8:36 PM

Monday, February 20, 2006
dagdag lang..

sa plp kahit d na kami buo,at alam nyo cinu snasabi ko.. gusto ko malaman mo na mahal na mahal ka namin at kahit iba ang direksyon na pinuntahan mo, gusto ko ipaalam na maligaya kami para sa yo at nandito lang kami..nakaagapay pa rin..anu man ang mangyari..

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at 6:26 PM


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